The advantages of a multiple camera (multicam setup) for live streaming

A Multicamera Production is a production which relies on Multiple Cameras recording and being directed to create a professional looking production. This form of production is used to create multiple formats of media but is especially useful for a professional live streaming webcast. Thats why our live Dutch webcast services are based on a multicam setup.

The Multicam method is widely used to record live events, in which planning and storyboards are not relevant, the multicam team must be directed skilfully by the director, whom are expected to direct the camera feed, to create a successful and entertaining show. Multicams can also be used to recorded non-live productions, such as various soaps, this allows multiple angles of scenes to be recorded, allowing editors to create drama through cuts to different shots, continuing seeming less linearity. 


There are many advantages of live multicam productions in the Netherlands, they are great for capturing multiple angles when filming Live events. It is very difficult to capture all the action with one camera at one angle, therefore it is much easier to use multiple cameras to captures different angles and points of interest, allowing a director to make the decision to switch between cameras and shots on the mixers.